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Third party service is an economic choice for electrostatic control and ESD protection. Our mission is reducing customer’s costs and unnecessary investments. We can help you to release resources to the core business. We offer international and inter-company services and knowhow with the competitive price. Original Equipment Manufacturers and Electronics Manufacturing Services will be supported as well as ESD Control Item Suppliers.

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Laboratory services are based on ISO 17025. Measurements are traceable to the international system of units (SI), when applicable, through the unbroken chain of stated uncertainties. Measurements are made in standard conditions after 48 h preconditioning (12 ± 3) % RH, (23 ± 2) °C, if not otherwise specified.

Typical measurements are surface- and volume resistivity, voltage dependency, breakdown field strength, electrostatic charge and charge decay, orientation of resistivity, percolation, point to point resistance and resistance to the groundable point. Contact electrification and charge relaxation can be studied from solid objects and powder. A charging method in decay measurements is based on corona ionisation, tribocharging, induction or a connection depending on the purpose of the study. The characterisation of solid planar or shaped objects is carried out in a changing electrostatic field. Reporting includes a summary of results, figures, tables, graphs, the necessary statements of uncertainty and suggestions for improvements. Defects will be categorised and presented in order of importance.